Yesterday as I was looking through a wonderful book called Wanderlust that I picked up on Amazon. I love all books and this one was recommended very highly by my fellow Yoga Teacher from Grand Island, Nebraska, Savvy Loo. In the process of glancing through the book I happened across a section called Yoga + Chocolate. Now anyone that knows me knows that I love chocolate. Cake, brownies, truffles, syrup, sundaes. All chocolate. So I decided to sit down and give it a full read through. It was an article by Dave Romanelli and you know, this guy has some good things to say. He begins his article with this:

I have dedicated my life to infusing the ancient practice of yoga with modern passions like exotic chocolate and fine wine. Some of the purists have grumbled “That’s not yoga!” to which I respond, “The more people doing yoga, the better the world is.” And when there’s chocolate and wine, you better believe there are more people doing yoga.

PROFOUND! I am a super nerd and I had always wondered if I could incorporate some of the things that I enjoyed in my life into my yoga practice. This lovely article was exactly what I needed to read. Mr. Romanelli goes on to tell about his first Yoga + Chocolate Retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico, the birthplace of chocolate and how it has influenced his life. He now shares this class all over the world and says his mantra is, “A beautiful, funny, and delicious moment each day keeps the stress away.” He goes on to say that being mindful and present in our lives is becoming harder and harder with our current fast pace and that it is important to slow down and “eat the chocolate.”

The most powerful memories are linked to our sensory perception. Therefore, a whiff of you grandma’s perfume can take you back to a rainy day making cookies, a good wine can transport you to a special night with your friends, the feel of grass under your feet can take you back to when you were a kid in your parents yard. Memories made with a combination of senses are the strongest ones we have.  Romanelli recommends that next time something important happens, instead of taking out your phone, to instead take in the moment, smell the air around you, feel the earth beneath you, and take a nice long taste of that glass of wine.

Romanelli believes very strongly in integrating your every day passions with your yoga practice. So next time I practice, instead of the usual yoga music, I’m going to play the Harry Potter soundtrack, have a few bites of chocolate, and sip on a glass of wine during my flow. Taking my time and enjoying every moment with some of my favorite things.

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