Classes & Workshops

Based on the spirit of Aloha, this beautiful modality uses rhythmic wave-like, circular, and figure 8 forearm movements to connect both hemispheres of the brain, inducing a deep state of relaxation. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is deeply relaxing, yet powerfully therapeutic! It is one of the most versatile massage modalities available and can be incorporated into any session you currently offer – or as a stand alone, full Lomi session.

If you’re ready to ditch those sore hands and aching thumbs, this class is perfect for you. I’ll teach you all the secrets that will help you extend your career for years to come!

In this 2 day/16 CE class, you’ll learn:
1. Lomi Lomi history
2. How to create deep and meaningful connections with your clients (and how that builds client loyalty)
3. 3 major strokes that create deeply relaxing, yet therapeutically effective results
4. How to achieve deep pressure without using force
5. How to perform full-length Hawaiian Lomi Lomi sessions
6. How to incorporate Hawaiian Lomi Lomi techniques into your current massage routine to wow your clients
…and so much more!

All students will receive:
1. an authentic Hawaiian sarong to enhance their sessions
2. full color workbook
3. access to photos and videos to help you with practice after class and assist you in marketing your new modality
4.16 NCBTMB approved CE hours
5. an abundance of one-on-one education so you’ll be ready to begin offering your new modality right away

Register by October 1st and you’ll SAVE $75 on your tuition! You’ll also receive complimentary admission to my Business and Marketing Dinner ($99 value) where you’ll learn valuable tips and tricks to help you earn more money, gain new clients, and start building your authority position. Click on the “Discussion” tab to learn how this Business and Marketing Dinner has helped therapists earn thousands more – and drastically change the course of their career!

Instructor: Melinda Hastings
NCBTMB Approved Provider #1180

Master headache relief and gain clients for life! You’ll learn advanced techniques that will help you reduce headache pain, frequency, and duration to help your clients kick their headache pain for good. This class covers:

β€’ Migraines
β€’ Tension headaches
β€’ Cluster headaches
β€’ Rebound headaches
β€’ Pharmacology

Melinda has suffered from every headache category for nearly 30 years and is acutely aware of the detrimental impacts of headache pain on the client’s quality of life. Through her extensive education and 22 years of private practice, she has helped thousands of clients find lasting relief from headache pain. You can become a headache expert, too!

In this class, you’ll learn:

β€’ How to ask the RIGHT questions during your client intake and interview so that you can apply the most effective techniques
β€’ When and where the application of hydrotherapy is indicated
β€’ How to empower your clients when speaking with their physician
β€’ How to create extended treatment plans that provide serious results
β€’ What client homework actually works and what doesn’t
…and so much more


Class size is limited to just 10 therapists to ensure you get maximum one-on-one instruction. Don’t wait to register because it will fill quickly.